We are a small family business and we would like to stay that way. We are not interested in becoming big like Jim’s Mowing. Instead we’d rather stay small and deliver on quality for each and every client. Given those values sometimes we can’t handle the volume of work that comes our way so if you are a like minded contractor who values quality and excellent customer service above all else, then you should give us a call. You could get yourself onto our recommended contractors list where we match up quality clients with quality businesses. It’s a win, win for both contractor and client, so if it sounds like it could work for you give us a call.

Alternatively if you are after casual employment contact us to register your details. While not many jobs become available within our business, it is still worth having you on file in case something does pop up. We only employ quality workers. We value hard work, reliability and honesty, so if you think you fit that bill be sure to let us know.

the team at A to Z Garden Services

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    Craig and his father have been looking after my lawn and garden for over 20 years and I couldn’t be happier.

    They are easy to deal with and they do quality work. They are very reliable and have a friendly smile every time they visit. Its good to have someone do what they say they are going to do.

    They have made my life easier and my garden always looks good.

    Mrs Dannock of Mentone

    We had let our garden get to a point where it was starting to resemble a jungle so we decided we needed the help of a professional, but where do you start. There are so many gardeners out there how do you know which ones are the good ones.

    I researched the web and found a few reviews of A to Z Gardening that sounded good so I researched a little further and checked out there website and I was impressed. We decided to pick Craig and his team as our gardeners and we are happy we did.

    Not only did they clean-up our jungle but they gave us such a good price for regular maintenance that we have kept them on. We are very happy customers.

    John of Beaumaris

    Craig just made it so easy for me as my garden was a mess.

    It now looks amazing. The gardening service he provides is the best i have come across. I had tried other gardeners before but most seem to just want to mow lawns and either don't know or don't want to know about the gardening side of things.

    Thanks Craig it feels fantastic to come home to my piece of paradise. I would recommend him to anyone.

    Narelle of Dingley Village